Wednesday, November 9, 2016

playing catch up April CQJP

 I'll start with the spider to get her out of the way as I know sOme of you don't like them.

                                  I however love them

at a distance.

This one I've made with a flat glass bead a random crystal from the odds bin and some flat braid Krenik

The little Birdie was made on felt with 12" twist for the chest and belly, 3 strands of variegated floss for the rest and another random bead from the bin

I've been learning to fold ribbon so you all will be seeing it a lot more from now on.

Its a good skill to learn and helps frame a centerpiece or fill in odd corners

  I love how the flowers turned out here I used a reverse Japanese stitch, where as you would normally poke into the fabric from the front to make petals or leaves

This one pokes in from behind and then folds over a needle or stiletto and then goes into the fabric, sort of like bending over backwards.

It gives the petals a nice little pouf

Here is a happy fimo bee I saved from something Years ago, I so happy to finally have found him a home.
 The cats destroyed yet another toy now there are plum colored feathers all over the house

I wove one into the butterflies framing the center picture.
You'd be amazed what you can find on a CQ piece!

        and here she is all together

The white flowers are yet more refugees from the random bin.

All in all I expected to have more angst and trouble getting back on the horse but this block went together pretty fast


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