Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Poetry and Verse RR

Does any one remember this RR??

 I finally finished my block for it

took me a while to design something for this that blended a little of what everyone else had done before me.

there was a lot to choose from and I'm still not done.

I chose to add a peacock an eagle and a cardinal, along with a few more birds here and there

I echoed the tree branch idea from Barb, Kristen and Sandy's blocks

the roses from Kristen's and the loopies from Sandy's and the starshine from Barb's block

I love all the seam treatments on Janet's block, especially that wonderful sun!

The tree on Debbie's block is divine as are the bunny and bird and all those cast on pansies! still there is a lot of work to do on this project, I was thinking I would make it a window treatment for my bedroom, since it's outside that window, I watch the birds at the bird feeder.


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