Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beauty and the beast is finished...Almost

 its like wesly, mostly done,

the piece needs it's Beast.

I have a wonderful picture of the Beasts mask from Truffault's B&B that my Mom took at the Muse des beau arts in france a few years ago but I can't get my new printer to work over our wireless network and it has no ports for wired so i'm a little stuck there.

anyway, here is Beauties cozy home on the edge of the woods
covered in clematis and the roses that grew over night

and the little blue bird that sings outside her window when her sisters treated her unkindly

here is the fire she warmed herself at and had her first meal, when she first arrives, after her frightening ride through the woods

here is one of the fans that go with the beautiful costumes she is dressed in, by the invisible servants.

the birds that keep her company in the gardens when she is left to wander by the beast

the bird that shows her the way back home when she visits

the statue of Diana in the green house that shoots Gaston, when he brakes in to steal the beasts treasures


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