Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crazy Quilts are Quilts too!

kitty RR
my1st attempt at CQ
Thearica at Pigtales and Quilts has a cyber show that features nothing but crazy quilts!
kitty RR#2

my work for barbara RR

my work for barbara W
 So, in the spirit of thinking "outside the box" this year I have entered.
the beaded portion of my belt

Though I don't quite know what I have entered,

my work for peggy
other than a place where more people can come by and see my blog
2011 BJP
(which is nice;)

my sun box

there are prizes and since I never win at these things anyway,

inside lid of my box

I am entering for the eyecandy!

box for my son

so far, many of my favorite quilt artists have entered as well,like
Pat Winter, Nancy Eha, Kerrykatykackes, Leslie at pinyon creek Gerry Kruger and many more!
Imbolic box

sun and moon boxes
I need to say something about myself here and my growing obsession with CQ.

picture frame

I have been embroidering since I was 5 or 6 and I come from a long line of seamstresses.
shabby chic box

movie star purse
my mother and grandmother taught me to appreciate the hand made and handwork.

CQ is the right fit for me with few hard and fast rules and lots of scope for imaginative uses, from small bags and wall hangings to clothing and full size bed covers.

Big Island adventure

I am still a relatively small fish in a very talented pool!

our X-mas stockings

Cq of my BFF's daughter
I regularly feel rather like wayne and garth genuflecting at the knees of my heroes shouting "I'm not worthy!I'm not worthy!"

hearts and hands for Sendi
  I love creating "functional art" that is  small pieces like my witchy-poo hats or cq covered wood boxes.I try to tell a story with my blocks, though that has been a bit muted this year, I want to be getting back to that.

DD#2's cq do
 I'm also obsessed with beads and leaned the "Indian way" to bead on a loom and free hand and have made almost all of my presents to close family and friends since childhood.

Sharon Boggins encrusted class

I stumbled into sane quilting when I was pregnant with my first child and the obsession took off from there!

witchi-poo #2

niece Lily's memory bag

I "discovered" applique when I was pregnant with my second child and CQ when pregnant with my third (hmm, seeing a pattern here!) and have never looked back.

Every RR I enter in CQinternational the more I learn from these talented generous women and I'm trying my best to be a sponge.

My goal is to create a large CQ piece depicting my favorite fairytales. so far I have 3 panels finished, so yeah, that one is gonna take a while!


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