Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fools Gold #1-Gerry's block

Being the third person in this rotation I tried to incorporate as much of the seamwork from everyone else's blocks so there is some continuity

Maire and Barbara used blue and red to some degree on their blocks so I did also, and since neither of them used red as a focal color, i  took it and ran!

And in true Jacobean fashion i added a bunch of bugs.

Dragonfly is first, I found these wonderful blue "Milk glass" colored beads at my local bead shop. don't they remind you of hobnail glass?

I embroidered the leaves first using two different kinds of floss.
The lighter green is wrapped with a gold filament and sparkles a little.
I used the same silk floss for the red flower as I used in barb's strawberries and embroidered it over padded gold lame.
I then couched down a flat gold tape for the main stem and thin gold band for the outlines and leaf stems

Mr. Snail was made with bullion's of cotton floss from wildflowers and silk wool from Glorianna.
the ladybug is made with trebizond silk  on felt then tacked on as an applique so she has a little more definition.

I should have done this with the flower but i embroidered it directly onto the block and as a result it looks a little lumpy.


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