Thursday, March 14, 2013

I've been busy

 really I have been!
 I have figured out a few things in gimp but I am still struggling a little so please bear with me!
don't ask where that big red rose came from, It just appeared on the top one day and I had to work around it!

We have a group that meets every Wednesday 3p-6p at Crossroads mall in Bellview WA.  we Talia, Donna Pam and I sit in front of the Joannes and stitch, babble, share and compare (anyone is welcome to drop by BTW) 
 I looked down at my block
(can it be a block when it's a circle?)
and there was this big red rose!
where did it come from and how did it get there? have any of you had this happen?
boy I need to pay more attention to these things! I'm getting giddy.

 this is going to be a round box top I made one like this earlier last year but I liked it too much to sell it.

I don't seem to have that problem with this one!

this one has a more spirngy feel to it, I covered it with lots of bugs.

I love the look I get using Krenik braid for the spiders legs don't you?


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