Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fools Gold RR

 I have joined the "Fools Gold" RR with Gerry it starts on Feb15th and I'm soo excited!

I have dabbled in glodwork before,I've wanted to try more but haven't gotten arountuit so this should be a good kick in the pants to get going on that!

I bought these two books for the occasion, this one just looked so interesting I had to try it and the one below I've been coveting for a while and now is as good a time as any..

I've looked through both of them and there is  gorgeous eye candy in both of them but the first has more" how to do  it" in it.

both are sumptuous and informative
the second having more history and the first having more of a beginners feel to it.

and here are the blocks I will be sending out to Janet.

I though goldwork would stand out excellently on a field of burgundy.

I'm hoping for jacobean flowers and bugs!

I can't wait to start!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


 or as I like to call them, threads too short to use.

this array of beads struck me as interesting neat and tidy rainbow colors waiting to be used in some novel way.

I'm trying to look at things with a new perspective
instead of doing things in the same old way
what i'm working on now

Saturday, January 21, 2012

peacocks and puses

 the peacock is getting closer to done just one more layer of feathers

here's the tail from a different perspective.

 a close up of the lower body

and head

 look how pretty from the side!

another 2 purses down!

I call this one "Drama Queen"

the little blue spider
 a close-up of the dragonfly

and the panseys

and here's mermaid

I'm pleased with how the fish came out but I'm not sure about the rest.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Now for the new year

Ms twitchy whiskers
This lovely little girl is Jubilie, our rescue kitty. and the newest member of our household.
she is still getting used to her new roost and is still looking for her fellow cast-outs.

every day she gets less skittish and more used to the noises the house makes.
cat ball

She has also decided several spots are now "hers"
My daughters bed is one of those spots

This little paisley is my first installment to this years BJP.
white for the missing snow of this winter

I've decided to make a paisley for each month this year.
each one 2-3 inches.

I have decided it's about time I did something with this dress.
so I am going to embroider things all over it, this peacock is the first.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

closing out the old year

 closing out the old year by finishing off things begun at the beginning of 2011
I have 3 more little purses to finish, this one is the fist of those.

I love how the pansies turned out!

Here are all of the  2011 BJP's together,
My Mara is sanding in for "Beautiful you are my world"
which I gave to my friend Laura-Lee for her birthday.

the "moon" and "Time" are my favorites.

Monday, January 2, 2012

peacocks comment

 Peacock left a comment on myBJP2011
"I totally understand the frustration of something not turning out the way you envision it... but sometimes the way that it turns out instead has a different but equally important beauty. Is it possible that this tree falls in that category?" 

very definitely!
I started out with a slightly different vision and ended up with this tree which is not diminished by my inability to make it "right".

most of my frustration with this particular piece was how long it took me to finish!
I kept loosing interest in it.
then I would feel like i HAVE TO work on it and I don't think I have to tell anyone, how inhibiting to creativity that particular feeling is!

so now that it is done the question is, do I like it?
I know uninspiring answer but I do appreciate the things I learned from doing this project much more.


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