Sunday, April 15, 2018

The star adventure part 4

And again, Not quite the look I was going for in block one but getting better.

I would have helped if I had had some goldish star fabric bUt no. ad no I am not going out and buying more!

I'm very proud of myself, all the quilts Ive completed in the last year have been from my scrap bin and yet there is more.......

My goal is to buy as little fabric as possible and then just for finishing purposes like the back, sashing or bindings.

so far so good!

This one was fin to do as its constructed with all HST's
(half square triangles)

but a real challenge to keep straight while putting together
For my piecing wall I tend to use the louvered curtains in the front room where my sewing stuff is.

This is handy because I can fold and unfold them as needed to the full length of the sliding doors

which is a hundred inches + wide so I can easily do a king size quilt up there, it would just drag on the floor a bit.

The other nice thing is the morning sun does wonderful things to quilt blocks.
I'm almost tempted to make  a curtain for it, almost.


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