Monday, November 14, 2011

Sharon Boggins encrusted crazyquilt class progress

Not sure I'm done with this one yet.
 I have spent a lot of time lurking in this class and not participating mostly because i have been dealing with a "brain cloud" issue.

rife with muzzy thinking or just flat out can't manage to rub two good thoughts together and didn't want to inflict my incoherencies on any one else I didn't have to!

I was ,however, paying enough attention to follow along and I have to say these are a talented group of ladies!

I'm not very good at photo-as-you-go, as anyone who has read my blog will attest to! It's a failing.

I get into my "Zone" and the piece is done before I realize I haven't taken any pictures of it!

I did finally post pictures of what I have been working on as i lurked in the shadows. I would love a little advice on what to do with that bare brown corner.

I was thinking of putting a bird in a nest there to complimenting the bird button on the other side but i don't know!

 here's the whole thing so far I don't know that corner needs something!
Gerry Help!


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