Monday, January 2, 2012

peacocks comment

 Peacock left a comment on myBJP2011
"I totally understand the frustration of something not turning out the way you envision it... but sometimes the way that it turns out instead has a different but equally important beauty. Is it possible that this tree falls in that category?" 

very definitely!
I started out with a slightly different vision and ended up with this tree which is not diminished by my inability to make it "right".

most of my frustration with this particular piece was how long it took me to finish!
I kept loosing interest in it.
then I would feel like i HAVE TO work on it and I don't think I have to tell anyone, how inhibiting to creativity that particular feeling is!

so now that it is done the question is, do I like it?
I know uninspiring answer but I do appreciate the things I learned from doing this project much more.


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