Monday, October 20, 2014

Raven box

So I final[y put this on a cigar-box and it turned out to so adorable, I don't think I can sell it!

I covered the old maduro bolds cigar box in a happy blue stripe on the outside

and a green and purple plaid on the inside with an envelope on the lid for little things

I covered the edges in a pink striped washi tape so it looks like an old candy box

things I think I learned while doing this project

1) strip some of the original box paper off inside the edges where the top meet the box especially by the hinge (but not the hinge!)

2) washi tape is magical!

3) paper has it's own difficulties and is just as tricky as cloth.

this was fun to put together.

if you all want a tutorial on this leave me a  comment


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