Sunday, February 23, 2020

Making inchies

  So I'm back doing some small beaded things 

 I decided I would try doing some inchies 

 They are the perfect size to do while bingewatching something

 and so to challenge myself

 I chose to do the first few  from the bead soup pile

 Just to get started

 My first spirit doll

 for the bead journal project this year is also from the pile

with some opaque white seed beads to fill her out

 This one was not

from the pile and was supposed to look like flames

but she turned out a hot mess instead

 the next one is better and from the pile

I have a lot of purple seed beads!

I call her #9 

 Dottie is next

made from a broken pukka shell ankle bracelet

from a Hawaii trip and the last of the bugles

and the random seed beads in the pile

I also found another bead soup box

I wonder what will come from that?

this red one is all new beads from the box

she's a little lumpy but I think the lines are getting better

I am going to add some little  gold bell dangles to her bottom
when she is backed and pinned

I just noticed I have to finish her head though

 Then there are these two little embroidered guys

a bunny and fox for a later CQ project

I haven't decided where to put them yet but I am going to do more like this

They are fun little patches and will fit on anything  as they are inchies too.

I sew them on felt with an initial outline in a daisychain then fill it in with satinstitch and stem stitch for a  rougher texture

I'm Having so much fun with this!


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