Thursday, August 10, 2017

hexipoluza #4

  As I have mentioned I'm using Jennifer Clouston's book for my CQ class

I am trying to follow each of her examples so my students have a tangeble block they can go to to see, touch and study how the stitches are put together

I have used cottons in all my blocks because it is much more forgiving of mistakes than silks and satins are and much less daunting to a beginner to put together

As most of my ladies are sane quilters first, I know they have a ton of this kind of stash at home and can easily put a block together with what they have in hand

Another part of my reasoning has been, if I can make all these prints look good together, it will encourage my ladies to use more color in their pieces as well

I also try to put a few "impossible" colors together to show how you can "blend" them back into a piece to soften it's impact.
I do realize that dark blue is a really stark contrast to the rest of this block but more in that later
 I also want to have fun with this as well so Ive used many colors on the back as well as the front.
Life is too short and there are so many wonderful colors to play with.


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