Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Stainglass quilt

 I diiid iit Myyyy waaaay!

This is so simple it should be illegal!

Trace pattern onto  steam-a-seam, cut pieces

Iron steam-a-seam to fabric, cut-out fabric pieces

Iron pieces onto background and



These are so easy I've done 3 in 4 days

Isn't the pattern divine?

Its from the hawaii shop-hop on big island.
they do it the whole month of february

This year was a coordinated pattern that fit together to make a whole top.

Instead of individual blocks with coordinated fabric so if you miss a few shops no big, Like in washington's version.

It makes more sense to do it that way here
but on big I, there are only 6 shops,
easier to do it this way.

You have to hit all the shops so everyone gets shopped

And you get a nice tour of the whole Island

so far so much fun!

I'm thinking of running a class at Gathering fabrics on the technique.

I'd need a simpler pattern though, this one does take a learning curve.

using the blank side of the steam-a-seam for a starter, ironing on the wrong side of the fabric,
making sure you iron a sharp seam the size of the piece so you have a guideline to follow...


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