Sunday, May 26, 2013

Heritage CQ - Ireland

the Irish are a maddening people contradictory 
 very into horses
Very musical and very religious

also superstitious and imaginative other wise we wouldn't have faeries and leprechauns in the same breath as st.Bridged and angels
 my g'ma on my Fathers side was 1/2 irish she was a tiny woman who raised 5 chldren 4 of them boys.
 I remember she would dress me up in "shirly temple cloths" and curl my hair in the portable blow drier.
she couldn't understand why I would prefer to read when there was a "perfectly good" TV on most of the time.

well with the itchy plastic hood and the dryer blowing hot air through it, it sounded like a jet engine landing on my head I couldn't hear the TV and books were more interesting to me, than whatever was on the toob.

She took me to church whenever I was in Lacrosse and tried to see to my religious "education" I liked playing dress up with Grandma but religion didn't stick.


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