Friday, May 11, 2012

FG#1 Maire's block

 they are telling me I have exceeded my quota of storage space I have never before done this and have no idea what they are talking about!
does this mean I can no longer post pictures unless I purchase more space or do I have to do something to open up more space?
they are not specific or clear on this matte other than purchasing more space, I don't understand!
 there is something screwy going on with the picture storage I can only seem to upload one picture. so here is Maires block completed.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fools Gold#1 Maire's block strawberries done!

here are the finished strawberries lest you think I was sitting on my hands this week!)

velvet and peacocks

 I have finished the peacock!

it took a little longer than I expected

mostly because I stopped working on it for a while

all those fiddly little gold french knots!

and the beads

it still needs something more but I'll leave that for later.

here's the whole thing!  now to embroider more stuff on this puppy!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

goldwork tutorial

 I will show you step-by step as I do a satin stitched gold latticed and couched strawberry for the CQI Fools Gold, goldwork RR this piece is Maries 
                                                                                                     As you can see I've already couched down the gold tread for the steam using Krenik medium #16 gold braid and gold sewing machine thread to couch it with and have satin stitched the body of the strawberry with trebizond silk #4015 in scarlet.
this is how to sew down the padding under your strawberry one piece of felt will do.                                                    It's important to pad under something like this especially when you are going to be sewing over another embellishment like I am on the lower berry, this keeps your satin stitches even and straight                                                                                                                               then satin stitch over it using long lengths from top to bottom ( i find it helps to start from the middle instead of an end
the trickiest part of lattice work is keeping the crosshatches even so to go about achieving this I do them going one way the length of the berry then start on the other crossing bars and couch it down as I go.                                                                                                                                         this way if I have to "massage" the thread to make it look right I am not making to drastic a move that the lattice work starts to look wobbly or crooked.
now you need to pull the krenik trough to the back of the piece so you can start to couch it down around the outside of your berry.
take a big eye needle
(I don't know what# needle I use, just that it has a big enough eye to thread easily)

and as krenik frays easily so I sew it to the back of my piece. this keeps it secure

this also cuts down on bulk and keeps your ends neat

now it's time to couch down the gold thread around the strawberry.

again using the Krenik medium #16 thread
couch it down snugly to the outside of the strawberry

 see how close I get to the silk?

 it's also important to take a few extra stitches when going around corners this keeps you from getting gaposis or worse yet creep-up

 then tuck in your end and sew it down in the back

add some silk ribbon to the stem for green ends and your done!

I'll post a Picture when i have the whole motif done until then ta-ta for now!


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