Saturday, April 20, 2019

Applique a little

 This is what I do when I'm busy doing nothing

That is to say Binging on a favorite show or watching TV in the evenings with my Hubbs

I am trying to use all my big scraps from my bin

in a bid to empty the sucker out
but it keeps filling back up

I don't get it

I've 3 of 9 panels done so far

Lets see how far I get before
"short attention span theater" hits again

 I still have that felt rug to finish

2 more charity quilts to quilt

The hawaii panels to sew

my self-imposed "scrap bin of doom" project

A new skellie

2 done quilts to bind

I can never die, I have to much to do

I joke but its true, who else is going to use up my fabric stash?


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