Sunday, March 23, 2014

Visiting the Laconner Quilt museum 1st installment

Ganches mansion by Sachito yoshida
In bloom by betty kinkade
Visiting  the Laconner Quilt Museum, with my crazy quilting group, in Late February,
Spirit of Laconner by Kathy McNeil
 I took a lot of wonderful pictures of the crazy quilts they have on display.
 Including these lovely depictions of the house itself
 I thought I would share them with you all in dribbs and drabbs
 I took lots of pictures of many of the Crazy Quilts they have on display with a few detail pictures of each one.

 this one had some extensive aging damage, laddering silk and pieces that have just disintegrated with time so they hid that part behind a lamp. but the little bit of hand sewing and appliqué on it is lovely
Front room wall paper
Front room fireplace

 the wall paper in each room on the bottom floor was period and stunning

 they have restored the first floor as much as they could, since at one point during reconstruction there was an accident that burned down half the back end of the house!

Look at all the lovely details!
there are a bazillion on each one so I tried to keep it to a minimum.

this one had much in the way of seam treatments and not too many motifs so I picked the best ones

Laconner in bloom by jacque case
Parlor fireplace

 Another lovely quilt

 In the kitchen they have tied to keep the look of it from the 1890's when the first owners lived here

how would you like to cook on that stove??

I think that's all for now. stay tuned there is much more to be seen.

the Laconner quilt museum is located in Laconner Washington. the town itself is a lovely place to visit too, right on the sound with lovely shops and beautiful views
and an annual quilt festival every year that the whole state participates in


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