Sunday, June 6, 2010

rain barrels and other things

I realized I haven't done any posting over the past few weeks, Naughty mommabear!

It's been so wet and rainy since may that you'd think I'd get more done than I have oh well, that's how it goes!
when you have the time you piss it away, when you don't, you're a busy little beaver!

our new house project has been to build platforms and hook up 6 rain barrels to the gutters, around the house and garage, for watering the garden.
we have two hooked up so far and its been raining so much the 55 gallon drums are so full they spout!

my side project will be, to find 6 funny/cute/whimsical fountain critters to point the water in a direction, like into a birdbath or pondy type thing, instead of up in the air!

I have been working on the Hawaii blocks and did in fact take them to Hawaii in april.

I also started a pieced belt for a dress I have in mind. its all off whites and creams and I'm thinking of doing the stitching in whites creams and pastels.
I've pieced the belt and am designing the embroidery and border bits.
I'm having trouble deciding what to do with the diamond focus block.
I know I want flowers in the corners and cabochons and beads but I'm not sure how encrusted I want it.
I'll have it all planned out and I know I'll change my mind and do something completely different with it but that's the fun of CQ!


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