Monday, May 20, 2013

Heritage CQ - Norway

 I thought I would show you one of the was I transfer images onto my blocks.

first I trace what I want onto dress makers paper.
I use leftovers from patterns I have used in the past. I outline the motif first then I start to embroider over it.

I am doing this motif in beaux stitch to make it look "Vikingy"
I'm going to weave ribbons to make the wing but before I do that I pad it with a little felt

and then the tail

 this method works well for most motifs and the paper rips and pulls out easily
Isn't she a cutie!

I added the pine boughs and now I'm looking at it
maybe I should have added more?

this seems to be a ubiquitous motif in norway, finland and sweden. the bundled greenery with red ribbon

 I did some very good seamwork on this block

and the antique buttons are from my g'ma's button box

 they remind me of the shields the vikings would put on the sides of their ships

I know you all have been asking what the significance of all these nationalities are, they are all me. this is where my family have come from.

as I have researched my heritage over the years I learn more of where my family has come from and they are all a part of who I am.

some of it has been a bit like learning I had great-great grandparents in the civil war on both sides (i did, on dad's side) and how so you reconcile that??

Or finding out your great-Aunts sang Opera (don't know which one) for the archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand in Vienna before he was shot in 1914 (mom's side)

as you can see it's a mixed bag. and not being this or that has been confusing
but useful.


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