Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sane update

 So now that I have a longarm
 all that strum and drang
 of crawling across the kitchen floor on my knees basting
                       is OVER!

just pin it to the leaders and off I go!


The top quilt is one I made for a friend who is pregnant for the firs time

I think I got the animal prints because they were 70% off
 You never know right?

The rest is stash busting

I quilted it using a straight loop line that is staggered over the whole thing and an outline for the faces so they stood out from the rest.

 The other is a quilt I made from wine fabric I have been hoarding, ahem, saving up for about
10 years to "do something" with

all the green fabric and the brown back is stash busting, as I am in that mode too.

I quilted it with an allover meandering swirl

I even felt confident enough to try my hand a phrases in the wine labels
One says "In vino veritas" and the other says "It's wine o'clock"
It's not great but its getting there.

Then to use up a load more fabric because I didnt have enough of the brown for the whole thing

I pieced the back too.

 I finished both quilts in 2 days.

I would never have been able to do that before

It would have taken me 1/2 a day to baste the crib quilt alone!

My back and knees would have refused to go any further!
so whoopee for the longarm and big table if you can swing it I highly recommend getting one. So much better on my back and knees!   and I can get a whole quilt out in a week. Instead of the three it used to take so more incentive to use up all those scrappy bits I have lying around.


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