Wednesday, November 23, 2005

No time to Quilt

Turkey, Turkey, Turkey!

I am up to my ears in thanksgiving day preparations!

we're having friends over & I'm doin' all the cooking.
I started yesterday with the 3 bean salad, cranberry sauce, sweet potato crunch & green bean casserole.
I'm supposed to be cleaning the house but I'm distracted. I might get to it later.

typing is going to be problematic at best for a day or so, I sliced the tip of my finger, while making the taters.
I caught my self but not soon enough, so forgive the brevity & thank god for spell check!
Happy Thanks Giving to All!
& to all expanding waist bands!!

Momma Bear

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Breaking the cherry

This is my first posting on my first blog so bear with me if I gibber. I just got through reading the "Elephants child" blog loved her easy way of wrighting & 20 things about me seems an appropriate place to start.
so here goes whatever.

1. I am a mother of three, so if I sometimes don't make much sense it's because I don't have the time!

2. I've been married to the same man for 15 years & We've known each other for 25, since my freshman year in H.S.He's a Chicago Fireman & I am inordinately proud of him!

3. I love being at home with my family, which is good because we never go anywhere,anyway!

4. I love fabric. Touching, felling, looking, sorting, buying, sewing, cutting, pant, pant!

5. I have come to the conclusion that I have to many projects/hobbies & not enough time,& I just started this, hmm those ufo's are starting to look good...

6. I hate working, I just started working again,last year, after being a stay at home mom for 13 years, & I wanna go back!! I Hate retail, Whine, Crab, B*%ch, Moan, Pout!
& yet I still seem to, not only be able to, but be required to, do all the stuff I did when I wasn't working. How's that WORK???

7. I love to garden,around march 1st I start to get that Its almost spring feeling & in spring you will find me in dirt up to my elbows, I love the feeling of grass between my toes & freshly turned dirt!

8. i love it when it rains, that could just be because I was born during a May thunder storm. Chicago has great thunder storms! Where the sky just opens up & god comes to earth in liquid form! The street gets so full of rain water it will sometimes overflow into the front yard & the air is super charged with energy.

9. I live, as you may have guessed in Chicago. I can't imagine living in any other city. & windy politics aside, this is a great town!

10. I love Food, though i'm an indifferent cook, I love to bake bread though. Go figure I can't make a decent meat loaf but I can bake great bread!

11. I like to shovel snow ( most times) It's like trying to get the children to take their showers, you nag & push & yell, & then you can't get them out! It takes me a while to get out there but once I've gotten going I've shoveled out Mr. & Mrs, next door &my girl friend in the corner house.

12. I love going for walks in the snow. When it's falling, the gentle whisper of it & the crisp in the air, the spangled expanse in the park before every one & their dog has romped through it. The Downey blankets over everything, making the city look clean & postcard perfect. Knowing there is hot chocolate & a warm radiator waiting for me at home!

13. I love quiet family nights in front of the TV , each child under his or her quilt making a warm lump on the floor or couch, my husband at one end of the couch & me at the other, with a quilt on my lap & one over my toes, watching a movie or a show, our favorite show lately is "my name is Earl" its a little twisted but it has a good heart & morals, good gosh who'd a thunk it morals on tv!

14. I love Music, any kind, classical, jazz, blues, rock, soul, alternative, rap,country, Indy, opera, anything. I once had dreams of becoming a singer & I thought if you want to make it you need every influence you can get. & I just kept on listening to everything.

15. I was the school librarian for my children's parochial school for 9 years, before someone else took over. It's all volunteer work so I WA glad to have a break.
I love to read, Sci-fi/fantasy & mysteries mostly. Chicago history & quilting/embroidery books. Lois McMaster-Boujold, Mercedes Lackey, Ann McCaffrey, Ann Perry , Jeffrey Deevers, Janet Evanovitch & Dick Francis are some of my favorites.

16. I like to look at astronomy, Its just fascinating what's out there in our universe. this is my favorite site to see what's out there.

17. i like being alone when everyone is home. i can't explain how comforting it is to just be by myself, whith everyone busy in some other part of the house, but it is. Conversely i hate being at home alone. Go figure.

18. I want a dog. i don't see it happening any time soon though. my youngest has allergies to anything with fur or feathers so a dog would not be agood idea. What makes this hard is she wants a dog too & I don't think there is anything like a hypo-allergenic dog that isn't, a poodle(blah! no offence to you poodle lovers) I want a boxer or a pug
I love their faces! Only a mother could love those faces!

19. one day i would love to travel. I've been to a few places my dad lived in Lacrosse WI. The children's god parents live in Missouri, my husbands family comes from Michigan City In. & I've been to Germany, France & Luxembourg, whith friends. & I want to travel more. See more & go where I've never been before. Hey if Will shatner can do it so can I, Denny Craine!

20. I want to share some of this stuff with whoever's out there, get some feedback & maybe get some stuff done. Looking at some of yours blogs out there have made me feel like a slug!! Time to kick this pig & get going, finishing one of my many projects would be a great start!

these are the closest to completion.
no names for them beyond who they're for, I'm still not sure about binding the mariners compass in red, & like a dunder head I forgot to pre-wash the dark blue batik, before, cutting & sewing & as a result the humidity got to one corner of it & made the blue bleed into the yellow over the summer.
I wonder if washing it will help or just make a mess.


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