Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thearica's CQ supplies Spring fling challenge

 I have decided to enter into Crazy Quilting Supplies, Spring Fling Crazy Quilt Challenge! 

as you can see lots of yummy goodies come along with the fabric.

I have my block done and ready to embellish.

I'm sure going to have some fun with this one

Wedding belt

Isn't that a lovely shot?

  My Photographer, Vicki Simpson, took some simply stunning pictures of the belt to my wedding dress

 Chicago sunlight streaming through the windows at my mothers house.

we had glorious 50* weather December 28,

 very unexpected since every  weatherman in the country had been freaking out, about what was coming our way for weeks, up to that point.

here's DH's vest

I offered to embroider and embellish it more but his eye's widened in panic and had trouble answering me

so I left it in an "unfinished" state.

I know he prefers it that way I was JUST teasing him
I know what he likes!
besides, can't have him prettier than me, now can we??

just one more shot in all that gilded fairyland sun

and there we are Married!

would you believe 2 days later it was -10 and snowing like the dickens!

that's Chicago weather for you, a kiss on both cheeks and then a slap in the face!

we got out on what we found out later was the last of 10 planes for the night! whew!


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