Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring break

the Children came to visit from chicago for spring break,
I had a good time taking them to a few places around town.
snoqualmie falls was our first stop.

we took in alice in wonderland at crossroads theater and a little mall crawling for the girls. it was interesting, I got caught up more in the visuals and not so much the story. It's tim burton after all and He excells in visuals but realy he only makes movies, to show everyone how clever he is.

the bremmerton shipyards and Ferryboat ride into seattle.
I wish we had more time to visit the naval museum as well as the battleship but alas we had to get back .It was lovely to see the DS engaged in something he loves and exploring battleships is a true love. I know this by the deep inhalation the minute he was aboard the old vessel, it smelled of deasl fuel, steel and musty leather,as far as I could tell but to him it was a freindly pat on the shoulder and brotherly punch in the arm.
I forgot the camera so there are no pics for this day. pooh!

then seattle and the space needle and the amusement park at the bottom.

To my wonderful Lovely BF, who had instant family for a week and survived,

and who could resist a visit to the troll-under-the-bridge?
Yes folks that's a real VW bug under the trolls hand!
and in true boy fashion, my DS wondered "Wouldn't it be cool if someone was stuck in there?"
to which I asked "you got anyone in mind?"
"Uh, no. I just wondered."he replied, and he got thoughtful. maybe his imagination just supplied the answer.

I had a wonderful busy week with the kiddies all to myself,
and now they are gone home and it's lonely here.


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