Friday, November 25, 2016

CQJP November 2016

 Abandoning any pretence of catching up I'm skipping to December

If I do catch up(insert manic giggles here) its because I’ve a sudden fit of energy which would be a first for this year.


here he is ,a very boyish fairy

the first thing I thought when I saw him was that old nursery rhyme

"Snips and snails and puppy dogs tails that's what little boys are made of"

so lots of bugs and critters for him

I sewed them on felt first , learning (finally) from my mistake last month with the Hedgie.

I also wanted it to have a more back-of-the-yard ravine feel to it

You know those wonderful places in the far rural suburbs between the houses where there is the feel of forest if not the actuality of it.

a place for finding bugs and critters or the occasional deer or raccoon
a child's thoughtful spot for dreaming and pretend

mucking about in the mud catching frogs and splashing in puddles

watching the critters go about their business for the day

humming a hum

Saturday, November 19, 2016

the penny rug

 THere I have finally done it!

I've been promising myself a penny rug for the lOngest of times and now I am almost done

I found this kit at one our more brilliant quilt stores in Issiquah
called Gossypium

she has such lovely felts along with a few  balls of Finca

but I couldn't resist this one

 Its so happy and colorful

with its cheerful blooms and

                 of course

crazy quilting!

each bloom has its own different fabric and its own stitches down all its sides

I made a few modifications here and there

 and it ended up a trifle lopsided in the middle but over all I am well pleased with it

it was a fun, relatively, quick piece to do and didn't take too much brain power

which is a good thing as my poor little brain, hasn't been up to the task of late

this is my favourite panel, there is something inherently cheerful about daisies don't you think?

and when your in a funk, daisies are just the ticket!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

playing catch up April CQJP

 I'll start with the spider to get her out of the way as I know sOme of you don't like them.

                                  I however love them

at a distance.

This one I've made with a flat glass bead a random crystal from the odds bin and some flat braid Krenik

The little Birdie was made on felt with 12" twist for the chest and belly, 3 strands of variegated floss for the rest and another random bead from the bin

I've been learning to fold ribbon so you all will be seeing it a lot more from now on.

Its a good skill to learn and helps frame a centerpiece or fill in odd corners

  I love how the flowers turned out here I used a reverse Japanese stitch, where as you would normally poke into the fabric from the front to make petals or leaves

This one pokes in from behind and then folds over a needle or stiletto and then goes into the fabric, sort of like bending over backwards.

It gives the petals a nice little pouf

Here is a happy fimo bee I saved from something Years ago, I so happy to finally have found him a home.
 The cats destroyed yet another toy now there are plum colored feathers all over the house

I wove one into the butterflies framing the center picture.
You'd be amazed what you can find on a CQ piece!

        and here she is all together

The white flowers are yet more refugees from the random bin.

All in all I expected to have more angst and trouble getting back on the horse but this block went together pretty fast

Sunday, November 6, 2016

what i did on my summer vacation and beyond

This is going to be a long post so fair warning.
i havent been sewing much but I have been busy.
 I now have pictures to go with the synopsis of last month.

I "fixed" the march block, I wasn't pleased with the big blank spot in the green on the bottom. I thought (at the time) it looked too bright so I added, what turned out to be a very fat hedgehog.                          Now, I'm not terribly pleased with the result but have it on good authority (Helen Thorkleson, I'm throwing you under the bus here) that he's adorable.                 Note to self #542.67 sew critters on a separate piece of felt then sew down.          I also added some greenish lace to extend the color upwards as it needed to travel a little. it doesn't look like it's stuck in that spot anymore and lets your eye travel into the block more.

 Here Is my lovely Dear daughter #2 with my mother both look rather pleased with themselves.
and no wonder Mara graduated with honors (one of them Presidential!)
and mom behaved herself even though  she had to endure an entire roman catholic church ceremony for the graduation sans commentary.

we are not religious and neither is my x husband but for whatever reason he felt it necessary to send DD#2 to a catholic all girls HS. I have pointed out a better use of that money would have been college but what are you going to do?
here we are at mom's house out front
before making the trip back to Seattle
my new "helpers" this is Violet. we decided to name her this, after the theory of black body radiation only being seen in the ultra-violet. As she is completely black this seemed appropriate

And here is Molly, her momma. Nothing special with he name its the one she came home with and she seems to like it just fine
old window

new window
 have I mentioned just how much I love my new windows?

 It's so lovely to be able to see clearly what is outside and not just a smeary blur

  also had to get busy with the garden as I missed most of my usual planting window in may.

 then there was buying a rental property  and getting that ready  for inhabitants

I also had another Witchy-Poo hat up my sleeve

 I still need to put it together but the hard part is done

the brim

 and the top

and since I was doing another hat

I could make a few more casket tops too

I still have to put those together too

 but I'm on it!

 sort of

christmas is right around the corner................


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