Saturday, June 29, 2013


I have been asked this so many times that I am just going to go ahead and do it!

these are the templates I use. I designed them over the years because my cq was lumpy and uneven without a little guidance.
I am offering to make them (for $20) on commission to any one who wants them through my ETSY site.

I have had so many people ask me if I would make them a set that I finally decided to put them up in my shop.

these are not professionally made! I make them myself out of a flexible opaque plastic sheeting with scissors an exato blade and a sharpie, they are a little wobbly. 

Truth be told mine are a little cheesy but they work for me and maybe they will work for you too.

If you want something perfectly die cut from thick plastic go to Sharon Boggins site, she has beautifully made stencils that will last a lifetime.
I bought a set and am waiting with anticipation for them to arrive. they are bigger than my usual stitch and I hope this will challenge me to use bigger stitches,
Mine are better suited to those who use little stitches.


I have been using mine for about 10 years, when I need a new even seam I make a new template!

you can make them too, I am doing this because people have asked. but these are all basic shapes used in the making of any seam treatment. nothing special here, just  little time and effort on my part.
A little expertise and experimentation too.
I have discarded things that didn't work for me.

they are not very big and fit well in my sewing kit.

I haven't made any fancy instructions for them yet so if anyone needs guidance, let me know, I will try to come up with something. 

I'll take any suggestions you have too. Remember these are my own designs and I'm not a professional, the lines aren't always straight and the measurements are not exact. They are whoever good enough for me and I hope they will be good enough for you too.


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