Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Monk Work DONE!

 Done! I'm done, done, done, done, de-done, done, done, done!


 I finished the ribbon and added a little soi de perlie, in a darker color to outline it all and make it look neat.

*it was looking a little ragged without lipgloss*
I added gold around the maltese, for a little extra pop as it was looking a little cold and lonely, hanging there all by it's self. 

I finished adding the beads at the bottom and the fleur de lis in between each cross.
It was supposed to have 8 but I couldn't find anything smaller than those so I only had room to use 4.

And now the whole thing is done!
Now it is on it's way to Uncle Gregg who will finish it and send it to Uncle Carl.
I'm fishing for approbation here folks, don't let me down.

I put a lot into this because Daddy would have wanted me to and Unkie Greg asked me to because he couldn't. I get NOTHING and have gotten nothing from this side of the family  EVER, not even a lousy birthday card
(not you Brookie you've been great!).

I just want to know if it passes, even though I am a godless heathen and watched "dexter" the whole time to keep my balance. there I said it.

You can all go, back about your business, ignore the crazy pouting in the corner.
I just need to stuff her back in her box.......
Family does one in, even if you don't talk to any of them.  weird.
Be back to my usual healthy, normal, cheerful, self in a few days


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