Sunday, April 20, 2014


Procrastination presents in strange ways in me.

like right now I should be sewing on my gardens and flowers RR, finishing a fairie block and working on skellie but I just can't seem to get motivated on any of it

some people shop, read novels back-to-back, go shopping do the movie/TV show couch potato marathon.

when I'm avoiding something I bake, cook elaborate meals, garden. oh I do the other things too but yesterday was too pretty to do them and today I had to finish.

 I saw one in my local farmers market but it was too expensive and a little small so I went to home desperate, collected my gear and built a potting bench.

no plans or directions just winged it. yes folks, I am an odd duck.

how hard could it be?

apparently, not so difficult.
once I found the measuring tape and the drill my DDH hid in the garage, it was off to the races!
and look for $60 bucks in materials, I have a potting bench to suit my needs!

I used 31 - 6'x4"x1 1/2" cedar fencing($1.89 per)
a box of 1" #8 screws ($5,?)
2 2" corner brackets for under the top shelf for bracing and squaring ($3.50 E)
 the rest of the stuff I had lying around
1 sterilight container for dirt
1 handle
4" screws for hanging
4 hooks
you also need a measuring tape, pencil
table saw and a drill with a 5/32 bit and phillips head screw attachment
and voilĂ !


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