Sunday, October 26, 2014

last harvest and a walk around

 last harvest of the season was great!

a crap load of tomatoes and tomatillos

a zucchini (huge!) and even some broccoli!

yum, yum, yum!

now for a walk around before it rains again

we have been having a week of really weired weather for around here

blazing sunny while raining
and it's not being made any better by the fact we live under a convergence zone! aside from the unpredictability of rain, sun, rain, sun, rain..ugh you get the picture.

it has also been blazing sunny out while raining buckets! welcome to washington!

 these are the tomatillos left out
maybe they will ripen
maybe not
they look pretty today!

I like this view of the house

it's from the back of the yard

wind chimes and bouncers

make for a  cheerful front door

  mr. wind decorated for the season

the stones are climbing

faerie pool

 I don't often look at the front yard from this angle

theres a lot of it

My other favorite tree.

she puts out the loveliest pink blossoms in the spring

the view from across the stree

no wonder people have a hard time finding us!

you can barely make out the roof unless you know it's there!

the maple nextdoor is about to go poof! 

the last gasp of dahlias

leaves in the bird bath 
and more bowing up the drive
 looking in

 is different than looking out


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