Tuesday, October 26, 2010

why do I get all the wackos?

Ok, so why do I get all the wackos?
why is it, every evangelist from here to the east coast,
wants to proselytize me?
and why do proselytize and prostitute sound so similar?
why do they all come to my door? on sunday? don't you people have church?
do I come to your house and ask you why you insist on worshiping a torture victim from 2000 years ago?
I'm sure he was a nice guy, he had a great concept but really once he died his followers subverted his message for their own gain.
the way all people who want power over others do!

I'm still mad about the crusades, joan of arc, the persecution and subjugation of women in general, the poor treatment of Galileo and suppression of other scientific knowledge over the years! heck, we could have been so much more technologically ahead by now, if it hadn't been for the church and their fear of progress!

let me just put it out there once and for all
I DO NOT Believe in Religion!
I'm sorry if that upsets some of you out there but that is how I roll.

do I believe in god? well as a concept it's nice but why pick one,
when there are so many to choose from?
and why, if there are so many to choose from, should I choose yours?
what makes your born again god so much better than allah
or the lutheran god or the budda?

when you come right down to it it's all the same god dressed up in different rhetoric. the church has missed the boat, if you ask me.
it's a school yard taunt "my dad can beat up your dad" says one kid "nu-uh!" is the witty repartee and then the fight begins. It's silly!
None of the major or minor religions have gotten it right yet.

Harm None and do what you will.

I prefer to believe in the Universe.more scope for the imagination!
"there is more to heaven and earth than is dream t of in your philosophy, my dear horatio"
says hamlet.
yes indeed, there is more out there to learn.


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