Saturday, October 13, 2007

weather, or not

Well we just had one of our patented Chicago weather changes
one day its 85* & the next its 50*( brrrrr!)
we do the same thing in what passes for spring around here.
one day it'll be nasty & 35* & the next thing you know the suns out,
it's 75* & your still in a sweater & heavy socks!

we had to run around the house closing the storm windows & bleeding the radiators!
I need to get all the sweaters & fall & winter coats out of the storage space & put all the shorts away before someone thinks it still 85* out!

we all need to acclimatize some. I discovered to my dismay 3 sweaters were almost enough to keep warm!
I love this weather!
the leaves on the trees will start to change any day now, & chimneys will start to smoke.
then after Halloween, Thanksgiving is next, my absolute favorite Holiday! The whole family will get together With a few Friends & mt DH will make one or two of his marvelous cheese cakes & deep fry a few turkeys (YUM!) i'll make sweet potato crunch, green bean casserole, fresh cranberry sauce & a honey baked ham! OOOOH! I can't Wate!

now if I can just find the humidifiers, before my lips start peeling!

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