Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ann's Oriental all done

I don't normally post this much with one project
But I had so much fun with it,that I am thinking of making one for myself!
I'm pleased with how this one came together, tho it is not in the same colorways as the other 4 blocks, it doesn't clash with them either. it does stand out! (G!)

I loved the picture of the girl brushing her hair, It's so calming. then I thought about who is this girl?
is she the wife or daughter of a well to do family ?
what things would be a part of her world?
What peaceful pieces could I incorporate into this piece.
the flowers from her garden.
the 3 trees were fun to do. the ginkgo & the bamboo were the first things I put down,
The orange tree ws last because my thread would have caught on all the oranges, & made me crazy!
the boy fabric, is he her teasing brother or her son ?
the butterfly fabric is beautiful with the butterflies & cherry blossoms & it's that "honking orange" I love to incorporate into almost all my quilts .

the koi pond is also some of my favorite fabric.
It reminds me of when we go to the Morton arboretum, they have this pond with the most Enormous koi. the children keep feeding them & every year they get bigger & bigger.
this year they look big enough to swallow small dogs!

anyway thees where some of the thoughts I had while stitching & I just thought I'd share them with you.

thanks for coming , see you again some time!


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Charlene said...

Very nicely done! It's nice to work on somthing that takes your mind away - more relaxing and fun, I think.


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