Sunday, December 23, 2007

stitch diary #2

I haven't been doing this for very long & i do have other sketch books, but they are not CQ related. Here's the rest of my stitch diary, Enjoy!

Flames have always held a certain fascination for,

probably the reason I married a Fire fighter.
random doodles & American Indian motifs
Book margin & Mexican designs

birds & my name in several different languages
bad doodle & Eskimo designs

henna design inspired, I love the elephant

ancient English pictogram's, & more henna art

doodle gonehorribly wrong, & more ancient English pictogram's

I hope you had fun!



Susan said...

Your sketch book is well used, I see - and it's really sketches! I can't draw much of anything, myself. =) I love the henna designs the best, I think.


oh wow!! I used to doodle and sketch items, havent in many years...I can copy things now but not much comes out of this brain these days..too busy working on others' creativity!
THANKS for sharing yours! I enjoyed it! *~*CAROLE*~* (cq4newbies)

Graphics Deluxe said...

wow those drawings are so cool


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