Saturday, June 23, 2007

my work place

this is my sewing room under the eaves. as I am right under the roof there is no head room so watch you don't bump your nut!
I do all the time & it huurts!
as you walk in from the door, we're facing north.I love my picture window! all the light I could want & no sun!

this is the east wall, & as I am in the throws of creativity ( throws being the operative word!) things tend to get a little messy! watch your step!

most of the south wall is taken up by the little alcove & the door so this is
what there is of the south wall & the other part of the west wall.
as you can see I have quite a few porcelain dolls. they were my grandmother -in-laws & I love each one of them!

this is of course, the last room that gets any attention, so my attempts at organizing it have been sporadic, to non-existent!
it's also so small (8x8) with sloping walls that storage is at a premium.

I have been peeking at some of the other storage systems from the ladies blogs in CQ4N , collecting idea's .

maybe some day I'll be able to incorporate them into mine!
but for now I have to paint the porch!)

1 comment:

Jeanette said...

Ouch! I just hit my head, All our rooms get messy when doing craft. I do mine while watchting tv and get in a mess but tidy up before i go to bed.


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