Saturday, June 30, 2007

CYOT RR silver group

here is the latest installment of cq for the "create your own theme" RR.

the first is janets block
The second is christy's block
& the last is mine.
sorry about the blurriness of the photos,my camera is not behaving!


gocrazywithme said...

Hi Flora,
Great job on my CYOT block! I can hardly wait to get them back, and the way they are moving around so quickly, I will have them back in record time.

I also liked your previous post, the "this, not this" pictures. I am a huge Firefly fan. I even go to a fan fiction site to read stories other fans have made up to keep the characters alive. I'm such a geek!
Janet in Colorado

Jo in NZ said...

Your addition to this RR looks great Flora (the others do too) . I love the way you have trailed the leaves around the block.

JK said...

This is really lovely! It seems this CYOT is doing wonderfully! I am so pleased you jumped in.


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