Monday, January 20, 2020

Found it!

 It's amazing what you will find when you clean up!

I don't do this much so things go missing all the time.

I was desperate enough to clean this time.

You read the poem in the last post so you know what I'm talking about
If not, go read the last post
An "Ode to my lost Muse"

SO anyway, I found the sketch my daughter drew, for the "Balloon Field" below, under my ironing mat

and was inspired to make it            (Yay! she's back!)

its made on 2/3 of a fat quarter of black background
with double sided steam-a-seam and lots of scraps.

 Many, so many scraps.

 After 2 years of trying to get rid of them all I still haven't managed to make more than a dent.


I then proceeded to have so much fun,

         I decided to do it again,

                              only easier this time,

so I could maybe teach this technique to others.

the daisy balloon took about 2 hours for me to do
What iz u doing?

I have to keep in mind,
I have had practice 

so as I made this,

  I explained to the cat what I was doing.

I don't think she understood.

now for the hard part sewing around all the raw edges

so they don't wander off when the quilt is handled

And just to make it take longer and be more tedious

I'm doing it for all three quilts I've made so far

the two above and the Hawaii 6 panel quilt,

So many peaces!

al least the snow has stopped

                    and it's started to rain again.

back to normal

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Great!! She's back!! I'm winding down a project and thinking about what I should start. I hate to get involved in a big project in case I will have to start to pack. If the deal on the property goes through we'll be going in 4-5 months. Love the technique you are "practicing".
xx, Carol


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