Friday, May 25, 2018

I certainly am

I do try to keep my politics and atheism off my blog but every now and then you must at least make the attempt to speak out.
I only apologize for disturbing your Zen if this is where you find it.

What is happening in America today is Bullshit.
Promulgated by cowards.
Promoting the worst impulses humanity has to offer.
Spearheaded by a moronic puppet king.

If this offends some of you, too bad.
You should check your moral compass and fix it because its broken.
And no I don't care what the pet theory is out there for the continuance of this farce.
Go pedal your sick twisted ideas elsewhere, they will get no purchase here.

It's going to take decades to undo all the damage this administration has let unfold out into the world.
Black and brown people are not ruining America.
Old white entitled people who are so out of touch with Humanity, they are seriously threatening the world, are.

This may not be something that you all are interested in so fair warning
This video contains awesome vocal abilities by Sophia Urista
the music of Rage Against the Machine arraigned by Andrew Gatsukas
and is just as powerful if not more so than the original because this shit keeps happening....

Again, my opinion, back to sewing beauty.


Shirlee Fassell said...

Thank you!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I never voice my politics on the blog. I never mention who I pray to when I mention praying. I used to be a practicing Catholic until the pedophile priests came to light. That's another rant I could conduct for hours.

But I am all too eager to concur with thoughts posted about what is going on in this country. When President Obama was elected, I swear he opened the gates of Hell in my area and all those supposed Christians jumped out preaching their racism everywhere. They are the same ones that are turning their heads to what goes on today. My BIL actually said to me the other day that people that don't support trump do not want freedom. My jaw dropped and my eyes popped but I held my tongue. I hear this crap all the time around here and know from experience that no matter what you say they are uneducated to what is happening. It's not about jobs either because our area has continually had the lowest unemployment rate in the country since Obama was elected. New corporations that are looking to build factories go elsewhere because of the lack of available manpower. I'm 66 and Terry is 71 and I wonder if we will live long enough to see the pendulum swing back. Each swipe is cutting ever deeper. I can only hope our youth continue to rise up, just as we did in the 60s.
xx, Carol


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