Saturday, April 28, 2018

Star Adventure #6 finishing up

 At least of one top, anyhow.

I thought of using all the blocks on one quilt but it was such a cacophony of color that I had to break it up into two

This works much better and isn't such a blast

Still a swirl of color but the black in between gives your eyes a rest

I suppose I could have composed this one better but you know how it is at the end of a long project.

The desire to get it done and off your table is sometimes more important than design

I was also running out of the original 'Grunge' black i was sing and at this stage I couldn't find more for love or money.

Well Poo!

so the next best thing will have to do and eqilter had just enough to finish but not much more!

Well heck!

This is why the back has that batch of pieced leftovers from the quilt I made my husband for his birthday a few years ago.

I need a volunteer to get a better picture of the finished quilt. I tried to get on by standing on a chair outside but no happy.

So I should have better pictures after I finish quilting the other top. I've got the back mostly pieced, funny story but I'll save that for next time

1 comment:

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love it and I love the fact that you used fabric that you already had. Sure hope you can get a pic of the entire quilt. That was a LOT of work, wasn't it.
xx, Carol


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