Monday, May 8, 2017

sane quilting Woodland quilt

One of my inspectors is back, making sure there are no parts missing

As you can see there is a perfectly good cat basket behind her bUt no,

She must sit on my pile of work


Such is the life of a cat owner, one must put up with these sorts of foibles.

 Good thing I have finished this top now

Not without more help though.

At one point while trying to get the placement just right, the catscapades ran through and messed up my ordering.

Then violet, the above mentioned menace, decided it was the perfect spot to play ball and messed up the ordering again, aaahhh!

So the top is now done, yay! It just needs borders, binding and a back.

As it happens I still managed to get two brown blocks and two deer back to back.

Oh well.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I zoomed the quilt pic to see those focal centers better and also the little joining blocks. This is a pretty cool quilt. I have some great fabrics that I have bought over the years with blocks. Yours gives me some inspiration on using them.
xx, Carol

traderslostart said...

I haven't been to see your blog in quite some time. That has good and bad results. The bad, I did miss it, the good, there is so much to see that is new to me. Love your Paris Fairie blocks.

Love Violet & Molly (Love their full names. Gave me a chuckle. :-) Makes mine seem dull. My 3 girls (BiPolar Sarah Rose; Love Bug Sasha; and Afraid of everything Sabrina, each have a very different way of enjoying my work.
I belong to 10 FB progressive & liberal groups and spend an inordinate amount of time posting there.

I will be back to enjoy more of your blog.
Bear Hugs,


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