Sunday, November 6, 2016

what i did on my summer vacation and beyond

This is going to be a long post so fair warning.
i havent been sewing much but I have been busy.
 I now have pictures to go with the synopsis of last month.

I "fixed" the march block, I wasn't pleased with the big blank spot in the green on the bottom. I thought (at the time) it looked too bright so I added, what turned out to be a very fat hedgehog.                          Now, I'm not terribly pleased with the result but have it on good authority (Helen Thorkleson, I'm throwing you under the bus here) that he's adorable.                 Note to self #542.67 sew critters on a separate piece of felt then sew down.          I also added some greenish lace to extend the color upwards as it needed to travel a little. it doesn't look like it's stuck in that spot anymore and lets your eye travel into the block more.

 Here Is my lovely Dear daughter #2 with my mother both look rather pleased with themselves.
and no wonder Mara graduated with honors (one of them Presidential!)
and mom behaved herself even though  she had to endure an entire roman catholic church ceremony for the graduation sans commentary.

we are not religious and neither is my x husband but for whatever reason he felt it necessary to send DD#2 to a catholic all girls HS. I have pointed out a better use of that money would have been college but what are you going to do?
here we are at mom's house out front
before making the trip back to Seattle
my new "helpers" this is Violet. we decided to name her this, after the theory of black body radiation only being seen in the ultra-violet. As she is completely black this seemed appropriate

And here is Molly, her momma. Nothing special with he name its the one she came home with and she seems to like it just fine
old window

new window
 have I mentioned just how much I love my new windows?

 It's so lovely to be able to see clearly what is outside and not just a smeary blur

  also had to get busy with the garden as I missed most of my usual planting window in may.

 then there was buying a rental property  and getting that ready  for inhabitants

I also had another Witchy-Poo hat up my sleeve

 I still need to put it together but the hard part is done

the brim

 and the top

and since I was doing another hat

I could make a few more casket tops too

I still have to put those together too

 but I'm on it!

 sort of

christmas is right around the corner................


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I was thinking of you just the other day when we ventured to the Windy City to celebrate my 65th Birthday present from the Cubs, lol.

I love windows!! For years my living room was dark with small windows. When I wanted a new door, I suggested that we put a patio door in. We liked it so well we now have two that open to a deck that runs almost the width of the front of the house. Lots of washing but I don't know why my brain didn't think it up a long time ago. (We have been here since '76).

I always love seeing your stitching, especially Halloween. Congrats on getting another child through school. In most ways, no easy task!

Loved to see what you have been up to.
Happy Thanksgiving.
xx, Carol

Shirlee Fassell said...

I agree with Helen your hedgehog is adorable! Love the witches hat!


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