Sunday, February 15, 2015

Black Byrony Faerie

lest you think I have lain Idle whilst eating bonbons and watching endless reruns since i last posted, I have been busy, it just doesn't seem like it from blog posts.

I have finished sewing a a few things

and started a few more

 when I have this many projects I tend to do them in tandem and it seems

(to  me) that nothing is getting done.

 when in reality a lot is being accomplished it just seems like slow motion

 the Black Byrony Faerie is an example

didn't the swans turn out sweetly?

I took this piece to work on when I was in India last year and finished it at home.

don't ask about the trip it was great and awful at the same bewildering time.

 I haven't quite wrapped my head around it yet.

but this block turned out well so I'm a bit pleased, chuffed even, with myself.

and if you are here for the grow your own blog party you can find it here,

or just scroll down a little more, it's not far....


Marilyn said...

The swans were the first things that really caught my - so cute. Lots of lovely other bits on the block too :). It does seem to take forever when your are doing small bits on several projects. Sometimes I need to do just some small thing so I can say I've actually finished something to give myself a boost.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yes you HAVE been busily stitching and your work is beautiful. Those swans are so perfect.
xx, Carol

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh no - there's no bon bon eating whilst crazy quilting so we know you haven't been. Love the wee swans and the birdie button and the dragonfly - never mind, the whole thing is great!!


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