Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vegi boxes

 my herb garden, looks like I need to make some smudge sticks!
the vegi boxes from the west side of the garage

 box 1 has peas beans, celery, tomatoes radish, zucchini and broccoli which is mostly gone now having been eaten last week
 box 2 has more tomatoes, corn and blueberries, though you can't see them as they are hiding under the tomatoes

 box 3 has you guessed it more tomatoes! I am going to have hella tomatoes this year!
raspberries more zucchini of both colors melons and some more beans

had to sow you all the Huge zucchini plant in box 3

look at that zucc!

my bowl of happy! that zucc is going to make a meal all by it's lonesome!

1 comment:

Willa said...

That makes me happy too! I used to have raised gardens but now I live in a condo. :(


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