Saturday, May 3, 2014


My pile grew again

how does that happen?

looks like I'm going to be busy

I also have skellie to finish
(i have been negligent there)

and the fairies

and the heritage cq, the hankie project, another BJP.....crap * sigh*
it's a good thing I love this stuff  ;)


Emily C said...

What kind of frames are those? I haven't seen any like those before.

Marilyn said...

Well, just think, with a nice pile like that you won't have to run out of things to do. My pile has become way big at the moment - 12 1/2 more song bird blocks ready to embroidery, 2 more fairy blocks with 2 more to finish piecing, 6 blocks to make from Anne Stokes art cards, and 2 blocks to make for pockets for a tote bag for a friend that are ready to piece. At least today will be a good day to stitch - its snowing yet again.


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