Saturday, April 19, 2014

Aprils BJP

 April's BJP is done

I've depicted our yearly dance between the sun
 and the rain during spring.

the blue our cloudy skies the clear beads are representative of the rain that drips, drizzles and randomly pours down on the great NW.

the sun in gold, peeks through the rain and the clouds giving us sun when it's pouring and intermittent double rainbows

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Marilyn said...

I love the beading project - especially the shape. So many things I'd like to try but just don't have the time. But the last couple of months I have been in finish-up mode so I've been clearing out some of my ufo's and crossing things off my list. Finished 4 sane quilts a couple of weeks ago and yesterday I finally got started on some BooBoo salve that my friend wanted. I had given the last jar to my son so had to make some more for the next quilting weekend. I like your garden bench too but I'm not a gardener - thank goodness I don't have to try that project :)


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