Monday, March 17, 2014

300 posts givaway!

I said i would have a give-away when I reached 300 posts and well here we are!

So leave me a comment and tell me, how much you love this boggosphere we belong to, that connects us from one end of the globe to the other.

That let's us share our creativity with others who understand  and appreciate our obsessions.
As opposed to our relatives who nod and say "that's nice honey" or "anything you do is wonderful" without really looking at it and seeing.
Thank you, people out there in the ether, for being the voice in the wilderness.
You all keep me on track and have given me encouragement over the years.

Thank You

there are 66 of you, who follow my little blog-in-the-wilderness, I will not be taking trolls! 
this give away is for my followers. if you want to be included in the next one, follow me.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I LOVE blogs and am dedicated to encourage bloggers to continue to share their thoughts by trying to comment on each post I read. Too many have gone to FB and left their blogs wither away.

Your stitching on this piece is lovely.

Have a great week~~we are finally in the 40's in Northern Indiana. Only 10 degrees under the norm.
xx, Carol

Marilyn said...

I don't officially follow blogs but I have a few that I read every morning and yours is high on the list. It always makes me smile when I see you have posted. Keep it up - please :)

tnola said...

I love your blog - even though I don't have one I participate in on-line CQ and needlework groups. For years the CQ group has kept me going. I recently joined StitchMap which is wonderful with free classes. Lots of work but so much knowledge is shared and it's free. I do have a website that is all about antique and collectible buttons and I recently started a small CQ area. Have thought about starting a blog but don't feel I'm good at writing. I do love your blog and the give-away you have posted is so pretty. Would make a wonderful addition to a CQ. Warm colors are my favorite.

UrbanFrog said...

I know exactly how you feel, I get the same thing - "that's nice" without them even looking at it. Which is better than when they do bother looking because then it's "that's nice but...", "it would be better if...","you should have done...". Nothing is ever good enough. The blogshpere is my lifeline. Being able to see other people's work and the wonderful, positive comments that people leave for them, being able to share my work with people who aren't going to criticize and nit-pick, is the only reason I push on and finish things. Otherwise I would drown under the weight of disillusionment and depression, the way I used to. I treasure each and every person who reads my blog, as I know every person who's blog I read does. Keep up the great work Flora, your work is beautiful!

Melody said...

I follow blogs from the US to Australia and every where in between! I love how we can share our creations and how we made them. I have learned a lot! I always look forward to seeing your work as well! Thanks for sharing.

Growing Old Fast said...

I spend many days looking at your blog and getting inspired by what you post. It still amazes me how much I learn from people like you that give of themselves so freely and what talents they share! You are very much appreciated! Keep up the good work.

Annette said...

Enjoying looking at your blog my dear. oxoxox


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