Saturday, January 11, 2014

with a little help from the audience

I am coming up on 300 posts!

who knows when I will get there


 As a celebration of this milestone I would like to host a giveaway.
            Which to give away?

 I leave it up to you all in bloggerland, to tell me which of the following goodies you would most like me to gift.

 the Paisley to get the most votes will be the one I give away when I reach my 300th post..

where I will then ask for names to pull out of a random hat
                                                             to pull out of a hat randomly?
                                                      randomly pull names out of a hat?
                                     Nothin up my sleeve......Presto!



UrbanFrog said...

They are all very pretty, but I like #1 best :)

Emily C said...

I like the golden orange #1

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Verrry hard choice...I love #1, but I choose #3 (blue with red center). Flora, your paisleys are beautiful.
xx, Carol

Marilyn said...

The shape of the gold one appeals to me the most so I pick that one even though my favourite colour is blue.

Evanna said...

Paisley number one just sings.

Teresa Nance said...

All are pretty, but I love Paisley #1. It is gorgeous!


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