Sunday, April 7, 2013

the skeleton

 I had some lovely sun to sew in my favorite chair outside for a change 2 weeks ago,

I put up these pictures now because I miss it, the sun that is, it's gone back to Seattle weather around here of hot and cold running piffle. (don't I look happy in my swing chair?)

  anyway I promised pictures of the skeleton

Heres what I have so far, I stumpworked the bones in the forefront of the picture and that's all I have for now.

I want to work on the skull next and the chair when the motivation hits me again.

the story behind this piece is it was part of a dream, not a bad one.

 just the vague feeling of how someone lost can still play at your heart.
that even though they are gone, they still have resonance,

a tune that plays softly in the back of your mind and the bittersweetness of the memory it leaves you with is healing.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Don't we all feel that...often? I often think about how the world just goes on without those that are gone. The older I get, the more I wonder how I will be remembered. I can only hope that my spirit will stay close to those I love and somehow I will be able to guide them from the other side.

I love your skelly. I hope you will post more pics as you go because it is an awesome design.
xx, Carol

Susan Elliott said...

When my mother was dying, she told me that often thought that life was like being at the theater...and slowly over the course of the "show", people she loved started to disappear from the seats...and there were more and more empty seats but she still had the memory of those who had been sitting there. I had never considered it but I can see how she would have thought that way. She was a pretty private person and didn't expand her intimate group past those she had known most of her life...

i think your design is absolutely awesome and the stumpwork skeleton is awesome. I spent some time going back through your posts. I have missed my blog reading and it was nice to get caught up here today.

I tried replying to your message on my chicago post but your email attached to your profile is no longer active. Shoot me an email so I can re-send my response, won't you? Hope you have more days stitching in the sun, Susan


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