Saturday, January 21, 2012

peacocks and puses

 the peacock is getting closer to done just one more layer of feathers

here's the tail from a different perspective.

 a close up of the lower body

and head

 look how pretty from the side!

another 2 purses down!

I call this one "Drama Queen"

the little blue spider
 a close-up of the dragonfly

and the panseys

and here's mermaid

I'm pleased with how the fish came out but I'm not sure about the rest.


Jane said...

Love your work Flora.. the peacock is stupendous... nothing like strutting your stuff! And the drama queen purse... I need one of those LOL

BTW... I usually read you through my reader but came here for commenting.. your blog template is coming over a little goofy, check it out

Katy said...

Your peacock is beautiful! The colors are almost neon- outstanding work, as usual!!

Angenita said...

Very pretty! I wish I was patient enough to make something like this.


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