Monday, July 11, 2011

Agaust BJP

This one is called Whatever a sun has sung

I used stiff stuff for the first time instead of felt and woo, woo!

does it work nice!

I still need to put the back and the bells on (so it sings)

But it is done

I wanted lots of movement on this piece to represent solar flares and the constant movement of the sun
but also how the sun "sings" to us here on earth.
it warms us and keeps our planet in the perfect orbit for life to exist


Barbara said...

Really, really beautiful. I love the "flow" in this piece, and it does sing "summer". Mission accomplished!

Carol said...

I think you depicted what you wanted to VERY well. Lots of color and spark and movement. Its a fun piece. What are you going to do with it? How big is it? Its great.
xx, Carol

LissC said...

wow this is beautiful! I love it, reminds me of an octopus.


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