Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm getting ready for the summer invasion of kinder,
my girls are coming to visit for the whole summer!
one is coming to visit and the other my oldest girl is coming to stay!
to say I am excited is a vast understatement!

she has had a rough time adjusting to her father and then there was
"the Rumor"
this was an anonymous tip someone called into the school, accusing her of sleeping with a teacher. not the teacher slept with her mind you, she slept with him. this was my first tip that the whole thing was BS, aside from talking to her and getting "EEW! hes like 28!" and "I have a boyfriend" I know my girl, she may be boy crazy but she's not an idiot!

anyway, this prompted an uncoordinated DCFS, CPD, CPS investigation that took 3 weeks of bumbling and harassment  interviews and "observation" only to come up with nothing ( i could have told them that!) 
and they never found out who called it in either!
you would think making false accusations and causing 3 weeks of resources to be wasted on a bogus investigation would have prompted them to at least find that out and get back their pound of flesh.

my darling ex, who loves to make mountains out of molehills, decided she was guilty until proven innocent and grounded her, instead of listening to her and trusting that she wasn't involved in what they said she was.

this is after 2 years of treating her as though she were a mini version of me.
to say that she has had enough is putting it lightly!
and if that weren't enough the "rumor" got out and is making her life miserable at school
she was ready to burn down every bridge she has there and run away from home!
I told her to put down the torch, take a deep breath and start fresh here.

so lucky me I get my girlies back! at least for the summer!
here's hoping the weather cooperates or at least gets warmer!

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Carol said...

OMGosh! There is so much crap going around in the schools now. Isn't this rumor another form of bullying?
She probably has an idea of who would start it, but thinks it would only get worse to tell. Or maybe not. Can't tell with kids.

But great that they are coming and hope your oldest stays on. A girl shouldn't be too far from her mom if she can help it.

I'm so happy for you. They will be happy too!!
xx, Carol


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